ConCERNing Higgs (Live Performance Video)


A song about the reasons for the Large Hadron Collider and one of the things it is hoping to achieve – show the existence of the Higgs Boson particle.

I didn’t have the budget to go the LHC so this was all recorded live in the Main Engine House of the Cambridge Museum of Technology, where the machines are slightly older – steam powered and the original sewage pumping station for Cambridge! Dealing with different kinds of particles 😉


there’s a …. Standard Model of Particle Physics
And you’ll find that in it
is a set of elementary particles

Of all of these
there’s still one to be seen
We need to know if it exists and so we seek

Its called the Higgs-Boson
And the hunt for it goes on
sighting it would confirm Standard Theory

And so to find out if
We needed got our wish
For a particle accelerator of high energy

Its not just amazing physics
there’s engineering to go with it
miles and miles of precisey placed machines

Its a huge facility
Magnets accelerate proton beams
into each other at high velocities

Neutrons and protons are
hadrons, and when they go fast
and collide it’s hoped the debris will reveal

a Higgs-Boson to be seen
confirming Standard Theory
and provide hints on supersymmetry

Thats why they look inside a, Large Hadron Collider, to find a, son of a particle gun
Set sail, cos we’ve got to know, set sail, cos we’ve got to show, head for CERN in Switzerland

The small particles of fast moving matter / when they collide will shatter / the bits inside will leave tracks as they scatter
Large amounts of data will abound / and will the Higgs Boson be found? / Or will the Standard model be left in tatters?

© Rishi Nag 2011

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