It has been a long held theory that science isn’t fun and interesting. That’s CRAZY talk dude! Professor Karmadillo is part of a contemporary movement providing a growing body of evidence that this view is not just flawed, it’s DOWNRIGHT ILLOGICAL!

The argument put forward by Professor Karmadillo uses songs of science. These groovy-chunes-meet-deep-scientific-concepts can be digested in aural chunks or in a live show. Clever lyrics, humour and background displays provide informative insights into topics ranging from particle physics to genetics all wrapped up in an arthouse framework.

The Proof…

…is in the pudding, which can be tasted right here. Don’t listen to The Matrix – there is a spoon! Take it out and DIVE in.

Giant Leaps – The Album

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Looking at the Jodrell Bank telescope

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For more on our non-sciency (but still quite nerdy!) music like to check out  the Karmadillo main page.

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I’d also like to say a big thank you to the Escalator Arts and the Arts Council through which funding for Professor Karmadillo was provided.




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