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Rob Kemp is the animator whose crazy MS Paint inspired videos made me think he’d be ideal for the GFP song. Below he describes his animation technique, his love of science, and working on the GFP video. Check out his other films on the Rob Kemp Films Youtube channel

I make short internet animations, illustrations, paintings and artwork often using fairly primitive methods. I especially enjoy using simpler mediums like MS Paint software and cheap poster paint because you don’t get bogged down with methods and I can concentrate on detail plus the final result is often more olourful, cheery and childlike than if you used more sophisticated packages. I like large areas of bright colours. I also make very short pieces of music to accompany the above using homemade instruments, effect pedals I’ve modified and other bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years. I like to keep things fun and quirky if possible.

I’ve always liked science because of the sense of discovery that comes with it, but even as more explanations are found there remains the feeling of mystery and excitement of innovation. There’s always more to discover and there is always further we can push ourselves.

I also enjoy the stories and often fabulous characters you uncover as you read about the history of science – whether it’s something as famous as Isaac Newton feuding with the Royal Society or just Mary Anning quietly collecting fossils in Dorset. Of course scientists aren’t the insultingly simple stereotypes you see in films; but I always find people, their different methods and how their arrived at their conclusions endlessly interesting – especially if it explains something I’ve often wondered. Also many of the stories are connected to Cambridge, my home, and a place I am very fond of. I like how sometimes major breakthroughs were recorded after years of careful planning and systematic analysis, sometimes things were discovered completely by accident, especially in the past. There’s so much variety with so many different branches of science and there is always so much still to do and read about.

I enjoyed working on the Professor Karmadillo project firstly because I am a fan of Rishi’s music and it was a pleasure to make a video for a song I really liked. Secondly I’ve never made a video for someone else’s music before – music can be very important to set moods and atmospheres when used as a soundtrack so using a different piece of music instantly set a completely different tone to the piece from what I was used to. It was both a change, and an enjoyable challenge to work with someone else, and to work with another persons ideas. Fitting my drawings into a set framework was enjoyable, and I also learnt how to apply techniques I’ve never considered before – like working out how to do a split screen in the editing package. Furthermore making videos has largely always been a hobby before this, having a commission and a brief to follow felt very exciting. I’m very proud of the finished project and think we made something really special.

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