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Jon Craven is responsible for the amazing guitar solo work on Catalyst and Graphene. I met him studying at Cambridge where we dressed up in DJs and played metal versions of James Bond theme songs in the band Bond. His normal band now is Manchester based goth metal combo, Liquid Sky. Check out his words on science, music and collaborating together below!

Jon Craven - Guitarist

My name is Jon Craven. No, no relation to him off ‘Newsround’ and ‘Country File’ – just to get that out of the way for starters!

I met Rishi back in the dim and distant ‘90’s when we were both at university I Cambridge. We came together in the band BOND and bonded over our mutual love of all things Wildhearts-related! The band was a stylistic car-crash but we tended to have a cracking time playing live and it was the start of a beautiful friendship!

Since then, I’ve moved on to alternating between pretending to be a psychologist and pretending to be a rock star – please see my CV and/or my band LIQUID SKY for evidence. I currently live in the northwest of England and I’m pleased to say that I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to several of Rishi’s musical projects over the years, most recently when he asked me to lay down some guitar tracks for the PROFESSOR KARMADILLO songs ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Graphene’.

I’ve always found Rishi to have a cool ear for a hook in a song, so I had a great time putting some solos on the two songs. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Rishi tends to not mind in the slightest if I have an attack of the screaming weebles on the guitar either, which often helps in my experience! Rishi has always been really easy to work with and gave me almost completely free rein with my tracks, with just the occasional nudge here and there to direct me. I always had a really clear idea of what was required and how I thought that I could fulfil that, so I hope everybody enjoys listening to the tracks as much as I enjoyed playing them!

Science holds a great fascination for me and always has. I still own books first bought as a kid, full of facts, figures and diagrams of all things scientific. My more formal experience with science was honed in Cambridge, a city filled with reminders of ground-breaking and on-going scientific breakthroughs, but I have always maintained an enthusiastic curiosity about the world and everything in it, particularly what’s going on inside people’s heads!

I’m really pleased with the outcome of my involvement with PROFESSOR KARMADILLO and with the project as a whole. I think that it’s fun and fulfils an enormously beneficial role in getting people more interested and thereby more involved in all things scientific. Roll on the double live album!!

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