Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Using Hamstring Graft


I’ve come out of surgery on my knee at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge.

A huge thanks to the surgeon, My Norrish, the anesthetist and the rest of his team in the operating room for this procedure.  In addition I stayed overnight on the ward.

The operation involves using some unused hamstrings and commandeering them into use as the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). I had my ACL taken out originally in an operation over a decade ago. Last year there was a period where I didn’t exercise enough and so the muscles around the knee were not able to compensate for the missing ACL, leading to the knee just giving way in the cricket nets one day. The result was torn cartilage, which was fixed in another operation I had earlier this year. It was decided to prevent a repeat of this incident to go for the full ACL reconstruction.

So this entails reusing part of the hamstring and putting it through where the ACL used to go. Strictly speaking there are four hamstring like bits going along the inner back leg past the knee joint, but two of them are a bit useless. These form the replacement ACL. An incision was made near the base of one of these….to be continued!

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